Additive Urea Fertiliser 2.5kg


Brunnings Urea is the most concentrated form of Nitrogen available to the home gardener as fertiliser. Urea supplies extra nitrogen to boost plants natural leaf growth, so it is ideal for plants that have a high proportion of green leaf such as lawns, leafy vegetables and flowers.

·        Promotes leaf growth.

·        Can be used dry or diluted in a watering can.

·        Ideal for lawns, leafy vegetables and flowering plants.


Flowers and vegetables:
Apply 10 grams per square metre or 10 grams along 1 metre of row, and water in thoroughly. In liquid form - dissolve 20 grams in 4 litres of water and apply over 2 square metres. Repeat 2-3 times during the growing period.

In dry form spread at the rate of 10 grams per square metre and water in well. If applying through hose-on applicator mix 100 grams in 2 litres of water and apply over 10 square metres. If in watering can, mix 40 grams in 8 litres of water and apply over 4 square metres. For lawns, repeat applications every 6-8 weeks.

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