Additive Eco Growth Emerald Lawns 25kg


Eco-Prime Emerald - Lawn Fertiliser For Commercial Turf, Fairways, Parks & Gardens

 Low-maintenance  Long lasting colour  Tightly knitted surface  Strong root development  Hard wearing

Eco-Prime Emerald Lawn Fertiliser is a complete rock mineral NPK fertiliser impregnated with beneficial microbes. “Emerald” is designed to enhance lawn surfaces by providing balanced nutrition and strong root growth.

Colour is enriched in the leaf surface by increasing photosynthesis through trace balance and controlled macro release. Root stimulation is achieved through a combination of natural ingredients such as mineral based NPK, Humates and beneficial biology including Mycohrrizal fungi. Commercial Turf 350Kg/Ha =51.8Kg/Ha Nitrogen 250Kg/Ha =37 Kg/Ha Nitrogen Home Lawn 30g/sqm Though not likely to burn grass, Fertiliser should be washed in at first opportunity. Safe for use on soft leaf buffalo lawns. Spreading is recommended at 5m spacing's. Fertiliser may burn broad leaf plants such as clover, avoid leaving on leaf to prevent broad leaf burn.

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