Additive Soil Solver Clay Plus


is a fully mineralised kaolin clay and silt product that permanently transforms sand into a fertile loamy soil.
The tiny clay particles fit in between grains of sand which slows water movement and cures water repellency. The improved soil holds onto water, fertility and humus for longer than compost alone. It creates an earth friendly environment in which soil organisms will thrive and multiply. The more clay and minerals that you add to sand, the more moisture and fertility it holds onto.
We recommend using between 10 to 25kgs per sqm for a permanent cure for water repellency and for growing nutrient dense fruit and vegetables. When first converting sand, use at least equal volumes of mature compost to provide adequate food for soil life (10kgs of clay to 10 litres of compost) and finish with a mulch to protect the soil. 

Clay Plus is very dense and heavy, it is not light and bulky like mulch and compost. 1000 kg (1 tonne) is a little over 1 cubic meter. 


10 to 14kgs of Soil Solver®  per sqm dug down 10cm provides approximately 6% clay content and 4% silt content and an overall change of 10% in the particle size of the soil.

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