Additive Soil Solver Compost Plus


15 kg Bag of Compost Plus Minerals is Certified Organic Compost #6100  is blended with clay/silt and the complete range of rock and ore minerals that plant and human life need to be healthy.  This product has a high nitrogen to carbon ratio, making an excellent nitrogen source.

Contains more minerals and up to 4 times more nutrients than ordinary compost.   Regularly using this mineralised, fully matured compost as an organic slow-release fertiliser builds up a chemical-free habitat for microorganisms and fungi.

Giving strong growth with pest and disease resistance, real-life trials have shown repair and prevention of sooty mould, lawn repair by top-dressing, mineral-rich food for fruit trees and roses.

An excellent rejuventator for potted plants. Recommended to mix some in with your potting mix when potting and top-up every 3 months.

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