River Pebbles 20kg Bag


We import a great range of polished & none polished river pebbles that are not available to us in Australia, below is a way to estimate how many you will need.

First Calculator your area:

                       Length x Width = m2

Example:    2(meters) x 5 (meters) = 10m2

Tip: if a length is under a meter e.g., 500mm it is 0.5 x ...

How many bags will you need?

we recommend laying the pebbles on weed mat  if it is a soft surface below to stop them sinking into the ground.

20-30mm pebbles = x3 20kg bags per m2

30-50mm pebbles = x4 20kg bags per m2

50-80mm pebbles = x5 20kg bags per m2

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