Feed'N'Weed 5kg

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Feed & Weed for Lawns is a 1 Step Dual Performer that not only fertilises your lawn but destroys weed while adding essential nutrients to your lawn for lush, green growth.

·        Fertilises lawns.

·        Destroys weeds.

·        Controls clover, dandelion, flatweeds, thistles and other broadleaf weeds.


DO NOT apply to lawns that are less than 6 months old. DO NOT apply during hot weather. DO NOT apply to non-grass lawns such as clover or dichondra. DO NOT exceed the recommended rate of application.

Apply dry on to wet grass when the weather is fine. Spread evenly and accurately. Leave for two days and then water in thoroughly. The lawn may turn black for a few days but will recover. Repeat applications at six week intervals.

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