Easy Wetta Hose On 2.4L

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Easy Wetta is a specially formulated wetting agent that can be used on lawns, gardens and even potting mixes. It improves penetration of water so that it can reach deep down to the roots of the plants without leaving dry spots. By improving the efficiency of water usage, it is not necessary to water as often. Not surprisingly Easy Wetta is ideal for use in hot, dry summer conditions.Easy Wetta is available in a convenient 2.4litre hose-on pack which covers 120 square metres.

·        Fast Action Wetting Agent that assists water in penetrating the soil.

·        Assists Hydrophobic soils to re-wet easily.

·        Holds water in the root zone longer.


For best results
Apply Easy Wetta in the cool of the day and avoid contact with plant foliage where possible. Avoid eye and skin contact. Use gloves when spreading by hand. If eye or skin contact occurs, wash the affected area with fresh water.

Lawns & Garden Beds
Using the hose-on pack apply the 2 litre contents of the pack over 100 sq. metres.

Pots, Containers & Hanging Baskets
Apply 125ml of Easy Wetta to 20 litres of water in a large container. Soak baskets and pots in this solution for 6-10 minutes. Make two applications during Summer.

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