Variety Overview

Our Complete Range of Turf Varieties

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo

Palmetto St. Augustine is a low maintenance turf grass with a beautiful emerald green colour. Excellent Shade and Drought Tolerance, Cold Hardiness, Disease Resistance and Soft to the Touch feel making Palmetto the ideal turf grass for your home. Order your Buffalo lawn in Perth today from Supa Soils Landscape Supplies.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter buffalo grass is a premium choice in a lawn as it was cultivated and adapted as a tough buffalo turf specifically for the harsh Australian environment by an Australian turf farmer. A low maintenance grass, Sir Walter lawns are soft underfoot and incredibly easy to maintain. Sir Walter has now achieved the status of being Australia’s Number 1 Buffalo Lawn. We deal direct with Greenacres which is the biggest supplier and the highest seller of Sir Walter grass in Perth as well as being on the top ten growers list nationally for the past five years.

Village Green Kikuyu

Australian bred Kikuyu grass has been rigorously tested under Australian conditions. Unlike other varieties like Buffalo & Couch, Village Green maintains it’s rich emerald green colour and dense coverage throughout the winter months. Unlike other Kikuyu grass varieties which have agricultural Kikuyu as their origin, Village Green is a turf type kikuyu grass developed for Australian backyards and sporting fields. Order your Kikuyu lawn in Perth from Australia’s largest selling PBR Kikuyu.

Winter Green Couch

Wintergreen couch lawn in Perth has long been a popular variety as it provides low upfront costs, however, it is a high maintenance variety that can be very invasive. It is difficult to eradicate once established due to it’s extensive root system.

Santa Ana Couch

A turf professional’s favorite couch. Highest visual finish due to Santa Ana having the finest leaf of all couch varieties on the market. A Long standing popular couch that provides low upfront costs. However it is a high maintenance variety and like all couch varieties is highly invasive also requiring dethatching annually. It is difficult to eradicate once established. Order your Santa Ana couch grass in Perth from Supa Soils Landscape Supplies.

Stadium Wintergreen Turf

Stadium Wintergreen is a cost-effective turf solution for large ovals, sports grounds, and elite training facilities.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia grass is a medium-bladed, dark green Zoysia grass in Perth that has very good wear tolerance and requires less mowing than some other turf grass. It’s an excellent performer in climatic regions north of Perth along the coastal plains as it’s not tolerant of frost. Order your Empire Zoysia grass in Perth from us today.